Russian Bridal Customs

Every tradition has a wealth of wedding traditions and Russia is no exception. While some contemporary Russian people opt for a more “westernized” service that simply requires them to sign their names in a register office ( or as we call it Zags), there are still those who want to go the whole pig and have the conventional Orthodox celebration with all of its connected enjoyment.

As an example, a classic Russian pair did greet their families as they enter the house with bread and salt. This is a way of wishing the fresh partners a longer living together. After this, the brides will include a special dinner of korovai, a rounded marriage wheat filled with different characters such as birds, plants, sun and stars, all wishing the couple wellbeing, prosperity and happiness.

During the reception, customers are encouraged to decline a bit kiss russian beauty of cash on the floor around the newlyweds, known as “dvoryanka”. This is a traditional custom that embodies a couple’s desire for great success in life.

Another custom is that the bride throws her flower at the visitors instead of the wedding. Someone caught it is thought to be the second couple to marry, so they must be extremely cautious not to stomp also difficult. A piece of the plate must be positioned underneath their pillow for those who do n’t pick up the bouquet.

The “ransom” is another traditional part of a Russian bridal. In essence, the groom’s friends abduct the bride and keep her until he finishes a string of commitments that will unfortunately humiliate him. To free the lady, the man must compensate either real or symbolic income.

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